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Kim Tivendale

Art Therapist (Independent Consultant)

Kim has spent the last 20 years working with children and families in a nursing role, in hospitals and the community. She has spent the last two years completing her Masters in Art Therapy at LaTrobe University. She is now excited about returning to work with young people and their families in this new role. In nursing, it is important to build relationships with patients, but the nature of the role does not allow to spend quality time exploring issues at a deeper level. Art therapy promotes this exploration through the use of art materials. Different mediums have varied therapeutic benefits, and I thoroughly enjoy exploring this. I have spent considerable time in the past year researching the use of craft with medical patients. Personally, I appreciate the benefits of crafting but it has been great to see the therapeutic benefits it has brought to group settings. While some people find art making intimidating, crafts like pom pom making and weaving are more approachable and draw out many positive outcomes.

Qualifications: Masters of Art Therapy