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Julie Wordsworth

Senior Psychologist

Julie is a registered psychologist who has experience working with children and young people in a wide range of settings. Julie is able to work with a variety of presentations, including Autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, Selective Mutism, executive function concerns and childhood trauma. Julie is particularly passionate about supporting children and young people who are in the Out of Home Care system. Julie believes in the importance of supporting the ‘system’ around the child, and advocates for a care team approach when appropriate. Julie is trained in Learn to Play therapy, and she uses attachment theory to guide her work. Julie relies on a number of theoretical frameworks, such as Play Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to ensure that each child has their individual treatment needs met. Julie focuses on creating a warm, fun and playful, yet safe environment to facilitate engagement in the therapeutic process for the children and young people that she sees. Julie enjoys being part of the journey of watching a child’s confidence and self-belief build and grow.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Psychology Honours, Master of Psychology (Counselling).